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A Truck Full of Pillows

My mom found a whole bunch of pillow forms on sale and proceeded to go crazy… sewing up 17 pillows for our quilt booth.

They wound up looking fantastic (in my opinon)!

Our neighbor, and long-time family-friend, Vicky Brickhouse, also helped with a bunch of these. See the above “B” pillow that she sewed up (B for Brickhouse). Love it!

The one above looks sort of Anthropologie-esque.

Anthropologie happens to be my favorite store, so I will definitely be claiming that puppy later!

And because I’m a dork, I spent an entire afternoon photographing this rainbow of pillows in a variety of setups/locations.

…And… because Rudy is the cutest little boy ever… he also made the cut for this set of blog photos.

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Dress Rehearsal

I was going through some old blog entries today when I came across this post (that I must have forgotten to put up) about our Quilt Market booth.

Anyway, it made me laugh. So I’m putting it up now… even though its way way after the fact.

This was our very first booth for Quilt Market, and we wanted to make sure that we got it right. So we had a dress rehearsal of sorts in the DRIVEWAY, of all places, a few days before we packed everything up into a U-Haul and drove out to Kansas City. Our next door neighbor, Mac, was invaluable during this whole process. We’ve never built anything like this before… and so he’d pop over every few hours to check up on us… and lend his power tools… etc.

Actually, this dress rehearsal was very helpful as it turned out, because it took us a couple of different tries… and about 5 hours to get it set up this first time.

When we got to Market though… we felt like pros, as we were able to get it up in under an hour.

Decorating it was a different story. That took the entire TWO days that were allotted for the setup. Perhaps we should have done a dry run of decorating as well. :)

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I Spy…

A bunny, a tree, two spider webs, and some bees…

When we were kids, my mom was always looking for ways to occupy our time during summer break. Crafting projects worked for a little while, but there comes a time when construction paper and glue are no longer entertaining.

And when we reached that point, Mom always seemed to have an “I Spy” book or two at the ready to stave off any potential boredom. And the tactic worked, my sister and I could spend countless hours scouring the pages of those books. It’s like Where’s Waldo on steroids…

While some of the “I Spy” pages were easier to get through than others, I think what we loved the most, was finding all the little surprises in the picture that weren’t always obvious at first glance….a concept that has heavily influenced our design process now that we’re older.

In each line, we like to include at least one fabric that’s loaded with little, inconspicuous details. With some of our favorites being snails, little birds, atriums, berries, and bees.

And while some of these items come and go with each line, there’s one thing you can count on seeing every time…spider webs!

Why spider webs, you ask? Well, we’ve got a whole host of reasons. Aside from the fact that they’re just plain awesome…they’re also believed to be good luck when hidden in crazy quilts and Christmas trees. AND…spiders eat bugs! And really, anything that’s going to give my tomato plants and herbs a fighting chance of survival this year is OK in my book.

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Carrie Takes Quilt Radio By Storm

That’s right…next Monday, I’ll be a guest on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with host Pat Sloan! Tune in at 4:00pm EST on August 27th to hear the live broadcast.

Link to the live broadcast here:

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Quilt Market 2012!

So this was definitely our best quilt market ever!!
And winning the best new exhibitor award didn’t hurt either.

I’m not going to lie…this whole booth experience was A LOT of hard work. But in the end…I think we all agreed that it was totally worth it.

A little sleep deprivation never hurt anybody right?

Ok…so there was some fun to be had within our little 8×10 foot space.

And I do have to have to hand it to Lauren and Mom. As they managed to design what my husband called “a nice corner of an Anthropologie store” for us to spend our weekend. Don’t worry, we documented it well..

But more than winning the Best New Exhibitor award…and having the chance to spend a lot of time with each other in a tight space with nowhere to sit…the best part about market (and I know this sounds cheesy) was getting to know so many new people! From quilt store owners to our fellow Moda designers.

So there you have it. 2012 Spring Quilt Market = Success!
Oh, and Birds & Berries will be in stores this August, so be on the lookout!

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