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Free Pattern +
Blog Hop Winners!!

Today’s the day!
We’re announcing the winner of the Blog Hop…
AND showcasing our newest free pattern.

So, starting with the free Circle Quilt… We love it because it’s easy. It uses one layer cake plus background and border (and a few other misc. supplies). It’s a really nice way to showcase an entire line of fabric.
Preferably Chantilly! Ha! (Which by the way is available in stores right now. We had a number of people ask when it was coming out… and it’s already here! Fat Quarter Shop always carries a big selection!)

The whole Circle Quilt idea started rather randomly. With this particular line, we didn’t receive our samples of the fabric until super late… so I decided to Photoshop a little quilt project together, and then stick it up on Pinterest.

Well, it wound up getting passed around a little bit… and then I started having a ton of people emailing me about what pattern we used in the photo. Which was awesome! Because this was the first quilt I had ever designed… usually my mom and sister do the patterns.

Anyway, my mom took this random Saturday doodle and turned it into an actual quilt pattern. (These photos are of the real thing that she whipped together. :) ) We think it would make an awesome quilt kit. :)

and you can download it here.

You can also check out our other free patterns here on our website… we have quite a few. :) I have high res versions too, so email me if you need those.

Now for the Blog Hop Winners… Blog Hops are so much fun!! We always love reading the wonderful comments and seeing how creative everyone is! And with this Hop we drew two winners.

I’ve just emailed both of you, so as soon as you send me your address, your fabric will be in the mail! Yay! Thanks to everyone for stopping by… and be sure to find us on Facebook! Our newest line is totally adorbs and you’ll be the first to know about it if you keep up with us!

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Spell It With Fabric!

Welcome to our stop
on the Spell It With Fabric Blog Hop!

We hope you’ve had fun making your way through the alphabet this week… I know we have! As you may have learned already, each stop on this blog hop will provide you with the patterns for 3 or 4 letters…along with some great designer trivia and the chance to win some pretty nice fabric.

For our prize, we’re giving away a fat quarter bundle and a layer cake! :) (The layer cake is not shown in photos.) These fabrics are from our new line Chantilly! Yay! It’s our best yet and we hope you like them as much as we do.

So, the reason we chunked in the layer cake is because we’re planning ahead with our blog! We have a blog post already prepared for next week, along with…. a brand spanking new FREE downloadable pattern. Which is super cool! (See the sneak preview below… it’s a circle quilt. We noticed these are all the rage on Pinterest lately.) And the circle quilt uses one layer cake (plus border). So if you win it… you can save it for this nifty little project!

So, without further ado, we’re the JUNG’s! Although according to San Francisco’s Redwood campground, we’re the GUNG’s. :) See me and my sister below posing at camping spot #44! (On a side note, our last name is pronounced “young”. Not “jung”… Which really sounds as funny as “gung”…

When we first got this J-Letter-Project, we were pretty excited. Being from the south, it’s common procedure to slap your initials on pretty much everything…

your purse, your luggage, your make up bag, beer coozies, sandals, babies… you name it. We prefer to call it a monogram, but no matter what name you give it, this blog hop was right up our alley.

You can find the basic pattern for the J block here. But my mom, JESSI, took this project one step further. By adding two 1” sashing strips and a 3.5” border, our “monogram” now makes for a very lovely 20″ square pillow.

And now for the questions:

Favorite Quilt Block?

JACOB’s Ladder

My favorite movie starting with J:

JERRY Maguire…quilting completes me!
(That’s what my mom said… I prefer JUNO… and I think JOE Dirt is hilarious.)

I love quilting:

For the mere JOY of it. After sewing my first quilt, I was hooked! Soon after, I remember describing the next quilt that I was planning, to my grandmother. She looked confused and asked, “Didn’t you already make a quilt?” Any quilt maker will know why that’s so funny!

Is there an object, tool, or anything that you cannot work without:

A JEANS machine needle. I hate mending and hemming anyway, but it’s a must when you’re only 5’2” and in need of new pants.

Do you have a quote or motto that you live (or work) by:

The JOURNEY is the reward. …And then my grandfather’s favorite quote is “If you hang around JUNK… you become JUNK.” (No one liked my first college boyfriend, so I heard that quote a lot.)

HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY… First, leave a comment on our blog. And then… if you want a SECOND entry, follow my Mom, on Pinterest. She’s totally obsessed with it and she loves getting new followers! :) You can find her profile here…

If you do the second (Pinterest) entry… just leave a second comment so that I count you in the giveaway twice!

Our giveaway winners will be announced on Friday, February 28th. Until then, happy sewing! And happy spelling!

So that wraps things up. You can find the entire blog hop schedule here, but make sure you stop by Kansas Troubles, Laundry Basket Quilts, and Lily Ashbury today as well.

We’re also on Facebook!

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Sorry Gang…

Hi everyone, there’s been a slight mix-up regarding our stop on the bloghop! Sorry sorry sorry!!! But we’re not a real stop this time.

We’re coming out with a book in the next few months, and have just gotten super behind with our blog… and fabric design… and life in general. :) But that’s not really you all’s problem… Anyway, I know that a number of you have tried to submit comments on our last Blog Hop stop (the one that went up a few months ago), so I just wanted to put up a quick post directing you to the other ladies on today’s hop : Kate Spain & Me and My Sister! Both super awesome posts!

And just because we’re out of the loop this time, rest assured, we’ll be in the next hop with extra stuff to make up for this little mix-up! Our next line, Chantilly, will be just hitting the stores, so it will be good timing!! (Teeny tiny preview below.)

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Brace Yourselves

Hey, hey! We’ve got some winners to announce, so hang onto your underpants! But before we do so, let me first thank everyone for all the nice comments we received! You guys are the greatest!

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Blog Hop

Greetings all! Welcome to our stop on the Blog Hop! For those of you who aren’t familiar with our little fabric team, I’m Lauren and I design fabric with my mom, Jessi.

A while back, there was talk about this blog hop being a tour of our design studios…

And while our instructions have since changed, we couldn’t resist showing you a few pictures of where we spend LOTS of time each day. Not to mention the fact that it’s newly redecorated too…which we’re still pretty pumped about. The following photos will serve as the tour.

In the photo above you can see our Ikea bookshelf that’s been put to good use with some of our recent fabric stashes, books, and various other nick nacks. Below is a zoomed out view of the studio. We wanted this room to remain comfortable, while still being extremely useful.

Here’s some storage that we have beside the computer. Some of the little pales are suspended from the wall… others are made up vintage tins that my mom has been collecting for some time now. Below that, is a picture of two of the x-large, gridded sketch books that my sister and I make for my mom. We’ve made one out of each of our previous lines.

Here’s a colorful collection of thread that we have displayed in an old type tray. We also have a row of ribbon that has been threaded onto a wire above our tv.

And last but not least, our favorite boy in the whole world, Rudy. He’s so cute that he makes an adorable addition to almost any decor. We also have a wall of dog drawings that I drew a few years back in which he makes a few appearances as well.

And now for our block…

We’re number 27! You can download the pattern here… My mom added a little applique in the center too, but that’s optional. We like to think it adds a little something extra to the block.

We’re going to draw two winners (next Monday) for this blog hop, who will receive a charm pack and a jelly roll from our most recent line, Birds and Berries.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the line, scroll down to my previous entry where I walk through the line in detail. It’s super cute! ALSO, we’ve got a free pattern (shown in the picture below) that features this line, and you can download it online here. We think its especially awesome because you can make the entire thing with two charm packs (plus some backing). And if you’re a quilt store owner who wants some glossy printouts of this pattern, just shoot me an email at, we’d love to send you a few.

So how do you win…

Just post a comment!.
AND If you want to be entered a second time, then like us on Facebook, and let us know that you did so with a second comment. :)

Whew, ok, I think that’s everything. Next on the Blog Hop are: Primitive Gatherings, Malka Dubrawsky, and Me & My Sister. Also, the other bloggers going today are: Kathy Schmitz and Laundry Basket.

Good luck and happy quilting!

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