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A Little Bit of Background

We’re the Jungs (pronounced “young”), and we love to quilt, create, and inspire!

If you’ve read the About Us Section of either this blog or our website, you can probably skip this entry… it’s pretty much copied and pasted, verbatim.

1 / Lauren:

• Born and raised in Spartanburg, SC
• Studied abroad in Cortona, Italy
• Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts—Furman University
• Graduate Degree in Graphic Design—Portfolio Center, Atlanta
• Currently a web designer—G2 Interactive
• Living in Philadelphia, 818 miles away from her sweet boyfriend, Beau

2 / Jessi:

• Born and raised in Amish country—Pennsylvania
• Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology—Clemson University
• Master’s Degree in Deaf Education—Converse College
• Currently a quilter and pattern designer
• Living in Spartanburg, SC with her husband, Chip, a cute dog named Rudy, and nearby to her youngest daughter, Carrie.

3 / Why We Work

(a little bit of a pun)
• Team work certainly has its merits, especially when coming into this with two completely different backgrounds and skill sets. We do all of our brainstorming together. First, we develop a central concept for the main fabric, then we decide how this will be carried out through each of the supporting fabrics.
• Jessi is in charge of all of the initial sketches, which Lauren takes and recreates on her Mac.
• Together we refine, tweek, arrange, and choose colors.
• Once the line is complete, we divide and conquer… Lauren is in charge of everything web related… designing, programming, blogging, etc., while Jessi is busy designing patterns. She managed to design and write six patterns for our first line!

4 / Our First Line

• Botany attempts to reveal an intricacy and delicacy found within the natural world, while drawing its inspiration from traditional botanical illustrations (as can be seen in the main fabric, Flora.)
• The largest print, Wildlife, takes on a free flowing organic style, and includes elements from each of our nine supporting fabrics, thus unifying the series.

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