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Brace Yourselves

Hey, hey! We’ve got some winners to announce, so hang onto your underpants! But before we do so, let me first thank everyone for all the nice comments we received! You guys are the greatest!
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Birds & Berries Quilt

Have you downloaded our Birds & Berries pattern yet? If not, I highly recommend that you do, for a variety of reasons. First off, it’s free! Directions can be downloaded on our website, or you can link directly to the download here. But more importantly, this wallhanging pattern is easy and quick to make, and [...]
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Carrie’s Halloween Pumpkin…What’s Left of It Anyway

I am a huge fan of traditional holiday activities, and Halloween is no exception. And while I don’t have too many decorations to sprinkle around the house for the season, a carved pumpkin will always make an appearance. Because of random conferences and other friend outages, our gang decided that the annual gourd gutting needed [...]
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Carrie Takes Quilt Radio By Storm

That’s right…next Monday, I’ll be a guest on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with host Pat Sloan! Tune in at 4:00pm EST on August 27th to hear the live broadcast. Link to the live broadcast here:
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Quilt Market 2012!

So this was definitely our best quilt market ever!!And winning the best new exhibitor award didn’t hurt either. I’m not going to lie…this whole booth experience was A LOT of hard work. But in the end…I think we all agreed that it was totally worth it. A little sleep deprivation never hurt anybody right? Ok…so [...]
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