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Category Archives: Botany

Table Runner Leaves

Add some leaves to your table top with this quick & easy pattern! You can find it in the Etc. Section underneath our Free Patterns Tab on our website; just click the pink download button on the right side of the page! Or, you can click on the direct link here! Writing these patterns has [...]
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Blooming Glories Pillow Pattern

This is one of our favorites!! As some of you probably already know, we have six free patterns available for download. When we launched our website in October, we only had two of these six patterns actually loaded onto the site. The rest weren’t quite finished yet, but will be available well before our fabric [...]
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Lean Mean Quilting Machines

Spartanburg’s band of seven crazed quilters on a mission… So before Market, my mom enlisted the help of her 7 close friends from Piedmont Piecers Quilt Guild in Spartanburg, SC (where she’s been a member for about 10 years) to help her get ready for Houston… My mom gave everyone the fabric of their choice [...]
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We Love Easter Eggs

When painted well, Easter Eggs can be very cool, but the kind of Eggs that I’m referring to are actually, secret surprises that can be found hidden in movies, art… our fabric line… etc. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, rest assured, you have probably experienced an Easter Egg at some point in [...]
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The Infamous “Minibook” Fiasco of 2008

Moderation has never really been my strong suit… I’m not sure why that is exactly, but it began sometime in my early childhood… and… I think I’m going to go ahead and blame my parents. Kidding… sort of. Anyway, I’ve recently experienced a wicked bout of déjà vu as my mom and I were frantically [...]
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