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Category Archives: Birds & Berries

The Sign We Made

This is our sign for Market. We made it ourselves out of poster board, fabric, glue, and a Sharpie. And we bought the frame at Hobby Lobby. I love Hobby Lobby.
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All Dressed Up

A few weeks ago…we had the pleasure of meeting a woman named Corinna! And when I say meet, I mean we discovered each other through the wonders of Facebook. You see, about two weeks ago, as I was checking our Facebook Fan Page for updates, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Corinna Hyde of [...]
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Lauren & Jessi Pretending To Be Construction Workers

So this year, we decided to have a booth of our own at Quilt Market in May to show off our newest line, Birds & Berries. I’m currently living in New Jersey and my mom is down in Spartanburg SC, so I drove down to her place for a week with the goal of finishing [...]
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Bad-Boy Soup

This is our sweet boy Rudy… (as many of you probably already know)… and we think he’s the greatest. Whenever we’re busy with a project… either on the computer… or laying out quilts, Rudy will usually start to feel neglected… and, as a result, he’ll act out to get our attention. After his many failed [...]
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