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It’s That Time Again!

Moda’s having a Blog Hop and we’re in it! Every year Moda has a big Blog Hop… where all of their fabric designers will post a free pattern as well as some funny stories that revolve around a pre-determined theme. This year the theme is “Your Home Town”. It’s going to be a blast! The [...]
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A Truck Full of Pillows

My mom found a whole bunch of pillow forms on sale and proceeded to go crazy… sewing up 17 pillows for our quilt booth. They wound up looking fantastic (in my opinon)! Our neighbor, and long-time family-friend, Vicky Brickhouse, also helped with a bunch of these. See the above “B” pillow that she sewed up [...]
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Dress Rehearsal

I was going through some old blog entries today when I came across this post (that I must have forgotten to put up) about our Quilt Market booth. Anyway, it made me laugh. So I’m putting it up now… even though its way way after the fact. This was our very first booth for Quilt [...]
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I Spy…

A bunny, a tree, two spider webs, and some bees… When we were kids, my mom was always looking for ways to occupy our time during summer break. Crafting projects worked for a little while, but there comes a time when construction paper and glue are no longer entertaining. And when we reached that point, [...]
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The Sign We Made

This is our sign for Market. We made it ourselves out of poster board, fabric, glue, and a Sharpie. And we bought the frame at Hobby Lobby. I love Hobby Lobby.
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